Locks of Love

Yesterday afternoon, our family headed over to Debbie's Hair Production for our big Locks of Love extravaganza.  Debbie is a precious Christian woman, and one of her daughters was a cello student of mine when I was still in high school.  Debbie and Cara did a GREAT job on our hair!

Sarah donated more hair by herself than the rest of us all put together.

We were so excited that my sister, Rachel, drove down from Kansas City to donate her hair as well.  Four years ago, Rachel and Sarah donated their hair from Dallas, and this is the third time Sarah has donated her hair.


quilt'n-mama said…
I am loving the new cuts! Lenna was inspired while we were visiting you guys and is planning to get her hair cut this coming week too. Actually, she is just tired to combing out tangles I think:)
LOVE the haircuts and the donation :D

Great pictures and lovely new hair dos. That is a great thing to do.
LISA said…
Wow! As always...BEAUTIFUL, from the inside out. We love locks of love. Hannah got her hair cut in a short bob this week:)
Ann said…
Gorgeous, ladies! Absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe how much hair Sarah had! Wow!
Anonymous said…
I love your hair!!!! You all look soooooo beautiful :) Brenda Asselin
us5 said…
i agree...beautiful. outside and in! :)
Hi Choate Family! We are so excited about meeting you this next weekend in Almyra! We have heard so much about you, prayed for you, and we can't wait to wrap our arms around you!! Welcome in advance to the big city:)

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