Old friends and new friends

One of favorite things about central Florida is all of the amazing people that we know and love here.  Way more than we could ever see in three days.  Saturday night, we met some adopted grandparents for supper in Orlando.  When I pulled out the camera and began to take pictures, I realized I had left the SD card in the computer - aargh!

So, the only memento I have of our fun together that evening is the Chuck E Cheese version!  Our friends had fun spoiling their "grandchildren" and helping us learn a little bit more about this new fangled technology of smart phones.  We have a lot to learn!

On the way home, we watched the supermoon rise.  Absolutely beautiful.

Benjamin really enjoyed playing the organ at GranMollie's house

This morning, we drove to DeLand where we attended church at our old college stomping grounds.  It was nice to find a few familiar faces still there after so long.  Oh, and sitting in the service melted more of the crusty edges of my heart.  It's been so long since I really enjoyed church.  After church, we went home to GranMollie and Grandpa T's house.

Katherine loved the exercise machine, even though she couldn't sit down and reach the pedals at the same time

These dear friends have been a part of our lives for twenty years, and we are so thankful for another set of "grandparents" that God has placed in our lives.

The kids especially enjoyed the piano and organ in the same room and played duets for a good portion of the afternoon.

"Aunt" Tara, a sweet college friend, got to come over and join the party, too.  What a joy to see her beaming smile again!

Group hug!

How I love these two ladies
And if we are in DeLand, we absolutely have to go get ice cream at Rodeo Whip.  It's a Choate family tradition.

Rodeo Whip's ice cream is the best!  Peanut butter fudge crunch has been my stand-by flavor for twenty years, and it didn't disappoint me today.

Unlike some stores who just plop the ice cream on top of the cone, Rodeo Whip fills up your cone - all the way down to the bottom!

And the best part of the ice cream run?  Turning bloggy friends into real life friends. 

We finally got to meet Lisa and her family!

A big thanks to their crew for their willingness to drive a long time during a busy week to meet total strangers.  What a gift.


Ann said…
I really like the Chuck E Cheese picture! :-) Can't wait to see your precious faces in person!
quilt'n-mama said…
I am so glad that you got to meet Lisa and her family!
What a treat!
Anonymous said…
Ah! I remember Mollie!!! And sweet, sweet Tara?! She (especially her beautiful, radiant smile) has/have not changed!!! WUNDERBAR!!!

And peanut butter fudge crunch?! Jason's all-time favorite ice cream. Funny story: my folks learned to love RW from us. So, when Duncan Couch donated all his single-file library of choral music to Jason (HUGE gift!), my folks volunteered to drive down to DeLand to get it for us in a U-Haul and drive it out to New Mexico (even huger gift). My Dad wanted to stop for RW on the way out-of-town. You may see where this is going. He drove through the drive-through and took out a part of some type of overhang in the process!!! Yikes! They had to do some major reconstruction. The things we'll do for RW!!! :-)

Love you,


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