More Friends


We are loving being closer to family and friends!  Last Wednesday, our friends, the Conards, came to bring us a van from Minneola United Methodist Church and to help us unpack.

We found a good balance of work a little, play a little.  The dads took the kids to a park, while Gayly and I went out to lunch to celebrate our birthdays.

Back at the house, the kids enjoyed playing Hedbanz while the parents unpacked.

The Conards' oldest daughter made necklaces and sold them to raise money to buy our family gift certificates.  What an amazing encouragement and blessing as we set up house in America again.  A big thanks to Lenna and to all of those who bought her necklaces to help our family.  We are humbled by how many people have pitched in to help smooth our transition.

Gayly and I both agreed that ice cream cake was the best way to celebrate the May birthdays - Clara celebrated her second birthday last week, Gayly's was yesterday, and mine comes at the end of the month.

And no day would be complete without some sword fighting!


quilt'n-mama said…
We loved spending time with you friends!!!!
Looking forward to next time!
Abi's Blog said…
Can't wait to meet you, also! Will be arranging something soon, I hope. Happy birthday!
Love and blessings,
Hallelujah for good friends :D Glad you're getting settled in,


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