Friday, May 15, 2015

Family Reunion

My mom's maiden name is Schalchlin.  Any man that marries into this wonderful family must first learn to spell the family's name.

Last Saturday, the Schalchlin crew gathered for the first time in way too long.  My day began with kids in tow at the Conway Farmer's Market, where we found some gorgeous strawberries that we picked up to take to the reunion.

The day was full of cousins

and food

and stories

and some of my favorite people.

These combs belonged to my great-great-grandmother!

I loved watching multiple generations play and laugh and tell stories together.

The day ended with a family tradition - supper at Stoby's.  Even though we've been gone for more than twenty years, we saw three different people that we knew at this local hangout.  My heart was full!


Bartokhound said...

So many comments on my heart:

-I love your new do, Joanna, and your heart that purposed your locks for another.

-Your Mama is so very beautiful, and I feel like I can see how you will look (also beautiful) at her age. You have good genes!

-That strawberry jam on the weblink for Stoby's is making me HUNGRY!

-Seeing all the smiles and storytelling across generations makes me happy, and also causes me to wonder about future pictures in 10, 20, 30 years. I love how you treasure and love family, Joanna Choate. What a legacy!

-The combs! Wow! And who is the lovely lady holding them?

Thank you for a great share!


Bartokhound said...

One more share: I'm going to enjoy knowing your posts are on the same day I am experiencing. I also enjoyed knowing you were living life ahead of the rest of us while in the SI, but sharing time with you (in addition to U.S. air) will feel very comforting and good!



Anonymous said...

Just revisited the blog after a break from it (when I'm actually seeing you in person, it's less necessary to lurk around your blog every day). My heart is full just seeing all those great experiences we had together documented through your pictures (you got so many great shots--better than many of mine!).