Backyard Hospital

"Scripture and nature complement each other well.  Through both, God speaks to us daily.  Quietly and eloquently, he reveals himself in sacred Scripture and in his creations which are, after all, his handiwork."  ~Brother Victor-Antoine d'Avila-Latourrette

My backyard is turning into a hospital for me - a place to be still and quiet, a place to listen, a place to read my Bible, a place to heal.  Katherine and I were following an elusive rabbit this morning and decided to check on our tiny patch of baby blackberries.  They are growing well, and it might be a race between the birds and the Choates to see who gets to eat them first.

A few minutes after we came back inside the house, we saw a pair of mourning doves alight on our garage roof and begin pacing back and forth on the peak. 

We're not sure what they were doing up there, other than enjoying the backyard hospital.  We stood just inside the back door and watched them for a while,
snapping photos and giggling at these peaceful, humble birds that we don't ever see in the Solomon Islands.


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