Happy Father's Day


I knew when we began dating that Aaron would be a fabulous daddy one day.  It didn't matter that he had never changed a diaper until I was pregnant with Sarah.

 I was already aware that he was a good teacher from the times he had coached me through physics and calculus in high school and the many driving lessons he gave me on how to drive a standard.  Now he puts those teaching skills to work as he patiently guides our children using God's Word as the textbook.
Our children trust their daddy to be a faithful protector and a source of wisdom.  He also shows them what a servant heart looks like through his unwavering example.
 Aaron is their "Jesus with skin on" and holds each of our children's hearts.  And he passed on his dimples and big brown eyes, too.
Happy Father's Day, sweetheart.  I'm so thankful God gave you to our family.


Cindy said…
What a great Father's Day tribute! Aaron is indeed a blessing to all who know him.

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