Historic Arkansas Museum


When we live overseas, our kids don't get much Arkansas history in their school.  So, this week we took advantage of the Historic Arkansas Museum just a quick drive away.

Friends joining us on the field trip was certainly a bonus.

We got to walk around outside and browse through some buildings built 150 years ago in Little Rock.  The original wells were still in place, complete with water!

We got to meet a living history interpreter and hear her story,

and practice inking the Arkansas Gazette ready to go to press.

The Arkansas Twister game kept the kids busy for at least an hour.  And I don't think they were just trying to escape the heat outside that was pushing the triple digits.

Lots of giggles and full, encouraged hearts were a sweet by-product of a very educational day.

And after a picnic lunch, everybody wanted to stay longer, but the mamas had to get home and get back to work.  I think this will be the first of many field trips together...


Ann said…
The highlight of our week. :)

I love seeing this through your eyes AND Ann's :D Fun day!

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