Father's Day, part 2

I have this tendency to get really involved in whatever is going on around me.  Then I forget to take pictures to record the special event.  It happens often.  Like Friday night when we began our Father's Day festivities with Aaron's mom and Dad #2.  Like when I dropped my dad's gift off and hugged his neck.

But I didn't forget when we drove up to party hard with the Choate side in a double celebration of Father's Day and Aaron's grandparents' 67th anniversary.  Aaron's grandfather is the last living grandfather that he or I have, and four generations of Choate men is pretty special.

So is sixty-seven years of marriage.

Aaron's sweet grandmother is the primary caretaker for Aaron's grandfather, and, in her sweet Southern voice, reminded Pop repeatedly why he was there and who each of those strange people were.  We enjoyed quite the celebration!  Aaron's mom #2 totally outdid herself with preparations for this family gathering, and Sarah and I enjoyed helping in the kitchen with the few things that were left to do.
Six of Dad's nine grandchildren were able to attend, and we heard lots of cousin feet running around and playing together.
Living close to family again continues to thrill me.  We filled up two rows at church on Sunday morning! 
I hope I never lose the excitement and joy of enjoying the family heritage God has given us.


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