Weekend Wonders

Living in the States again bears fruit in my life a couple of ways.  The first way it affects me (and the rest of my family) is that I am more grateful for everyday little things that we don't get to experience when we live in the Solomon Islands.

Sarah and Benjamin took the ACT on Saturday morning, something they can't do where we usually live.  And Olivia and Katherine went over to my parents' house to wash their dog, something else that doesn't fall into the "normal" category.

I took fresh veggies from the farmers' market to one of my grandmothers on Saturday morning and went to church with the other grandmother on Sunday morning (she also graciously fed lunch to our family!).

The air conditioner ran all weekend, helping us escape from the heat and humidity in central Arkansas this weekend.  We feel extraordinarily blessed to be able to experience all  of those things, and recognize them as exquisite gifts, because we usually can't do them. 

The other result of our move back to the States?  We are more intentional with the way we spend our time. 
When a friend mentioned that she would be "close by" on a road trip in Oklahoma, we jumped at the chance to drive and meet her and two of her sweet kiddos somewhere along the road.  We hadn't even met sweet Wesley yet.  Thanks to their flexibility, we ended up meeting at a little locally-run Mexican restaurant in Clarksville with absolutely fabulous food and service!
I would never have chosen the life that we usually live, far away on the other side of the planet, but the results of gratefulness and living intentionally are certainly sweet fruit.


T. L. Kerofsky said…
God has been good. Count your blessings. Bless you Choate family.

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