Making music

Our unexpected trip to the United States has turned into a huge musical blessing for our kids.  All four have been able to participate in the Voices of Central Arkansas (VOCA) and to take private lessons from a precious lady this semester.

Lynnette is the little sister of the woman who taught me how to play the piano.  Lynnette's niece has served overseas in the Philippines, and having a teacher with some understanding of third culture kids was really special.

The studio recital was scheduled for the same night as the VOCA's performances at the university president's home, and both Lynnette and the choir directors bent over backwards so our kids could participate in both activities.

Sarah and Benjamin were among the first to perform, since their choir was leaving the building soon.  Katherine had just returned from her choir's performance when the recital began, so she only needed to change clothes and eat a quick supper from the ice chest which the rest of us had already plundered.

But Olivia, well, she stole the show.  She was scheduled to perform last, knowing that her choir would finish and return to the building at around the same time that the recital would be finishing.

Sure enough, I waited outside, and as soon as I saw Olivia's choir returning, I hustled Olivia in the door, and straight onto the stage where the preceding person had just finished playing.  She sat down at the piano, took a deep breath, and played beautifully.

I was so proud of all of the hard work that this recital represented.  My kids learned so much this semester.  They have taken piano and voice books on the road during our many travels and practiced whenever possible.

Most of all, they've just had a good time taking advantage of musical opportunities while we are here.  I'm so grateful for the people who found scholarships so my kids could sing.

And for sweet Lynnette who gave us generous discounts and taught my kids good character in addition to how to make good music.  And for the grandparents who came and cheered on the kids.  I can't even imagine how many concerts our parents have sat through.

Oh, there are no pictures of Sarah singing because Aaron and I were on the stage with her, playing our cellos as she sang a beautiful rendition of "Still, Still, Still". 
The whole family got to make music together last night.  And yes, I cried at that gift.


Oh! As I was reading this I was listening to "Still, Still, Still"! What a tremendous music blessing you've all had - I can't think of nicer people to wish it on :D Wish I could've heard it all with you.

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