Voices of Central Arkansas Concert

God's gift music came this semester in the form of the Voices of Central Arkansas.

Last furlough, the three older kids had the opportunity to participate in a children's choir in the Dallas area,

and as soon as we knew we would be coming back to Arkansas I began looking for opportunities for the kids to sing again.

The directors were gracious and allowed Katherine to sing (on probation), even though she wasn't quite old enough to officially join the training choir yet.

So every Tuesday during the last semester has been a special day, with all four kids taking music lessons and then attending choir rehearsals.

The university's Community School of Music secretary (we love Teresa!) worked tirelessly to find scholarships so we could afford this amazing musical semester.

And watching one of our former students conduct a really hard piece with the high school choir just made my heart sing.  He is a super hard working, talented young man, and I can hardly wait to see where the Lord leads him next.

Making our lovely musical evening complete, my parents came and cheered on their grandchildren.  We love being so close to family again, and we're so grateful for the opportunities to make memories together.  I wonder how many concerts my parents have listened to?  Six musical kids and five (so far) grandchildren add up to a whole bunch of music...


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