Monday, December 14, 2015

Stop when you are full...

I read in on online devotional a few days ago:  When we make intentional choices and then stop when we're "full", we're not being wasteful, we're being purposeful.  ~Holley Gerth

You would think a devotional written this time of year, with all of the excess food, would be addressing our management of calories.  But she was addressing our management of time, those other "plates" that fill up so very quickly.  We find that our "plates" are smaller than they used to be.  Maybe it's because we've lived overseas in a culture that runs much more slowly and values people and relationships over activities.  Maybe we're just getting old and have less energy.  But I think picking and choosing how we spend the currency of our time is a wise choice.

With smaller plates and less energy, the last few days have been filled with school (chemistry has been especially challenging), making goodies to share with teachers and neighbors,

wishing we had one of those fancy kitchen blow torches instead of trying to roast miniature marshmallows one at a time over a candle for a sweet potato cupcake topping,  raking the front yard and cleaning the roof of leaves and dirt in anticipation of a big rain event over the weekend,

attending my cousin's beautiful wedding and getting to hang out with my grandmother and some of her fabulous siblings, then spending just a little bit of time with dear friends who always refill our hearts whenever we are together.

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Doug Hibbard said...

Wish I had known you needed a torch...I would have loaned you mine! :)