Reason to Continue

This has been a year for weddings.  Beginning in March, when Sarah and I flew to Australia for Naomi's wedding and when our beloved Edi got married after getting engaged in Marulaon Village, continuing into August when more of our SITAG family tied the knot, through this weekend when my cousin got married, we have been feeling very romantic this year.

But romance doesn't keep a marriage intact through the daily sharing of life, especially when you are married to an imperfect person (which is true for each one of us!).  I just started reading "What Did You Expect??  Redeeming the Realities of Marriage" by Paul David Tripp, and I'm finding myself extra grateful for the man that chose me so many years ago and continues to choose me every single day.  Here's our reason to continue in this mysterious thing we call marriage:

"When your heart rests in the amazing wisdom of choices of a powerful Creator, you have given yourself reason to continue.  When your heart celebrates the myriad of careful choices that were made to bring your stories together, you have given yourself reason to continue.  When your heart is filled with gratitude for the amazing grace that you both have been and are being given, you have given yourself reason to continue.  You are not alone.  Your creating, ruling, transforming Lord is still with you.  HE had brought your stories together and placed them smack-dab in the middle of his redemptive story.  As long as he is Creator, as long as he is sovereign, and as long as he is the Savior, you have reason to get up in the morning and love one another, even though you aren't yet what he created you to be."  ~Paul David Tripp


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