Christmas Books

I come from a long line of bibliophiles.  And, as my Sarah says, "Home is where your books are."  Maybe that's why we often take old-fashioned, breathe in the paper smell, books wherever we travel - to make a little place to call home.

  Usually, we leave all of the Christmas things up until January 6th when we celebrate Epiphany.  But this year, we're anticipating moving overseas as soon as we can jump through all of the hurdles (both financial hurdles and paperwork hurdles).  I culled through the library books we collected over the last month so I can make space for some books about the Magi. 

Sarah has always loved to curl up with a book

Now the baskets look so empty!
In addition to some of the old favorite books we embraced, we found some new-to-us, rather unique, books to enjoy during the Christmas season:
"They Followed a Bright Star" by Ulises Wensell
"Baseball Bats for Christmas" by Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak
"A Calf for Christmas" by Astrid Lindgren
"The Man of the House at Huffington Row" by Mary Brigid Barrett
"What Can I Give Him" by Debi Gliori
"The Christmas Donkey" by Gillian McClure
"Lucy's Christmas" by Donald Hall
"The Christmas Cobwebs" by Odds Bodkin
"The Christmas Cat" by Maryann MacDonald


Ann said…
You know, I've never done the books in baskets thing, but every time I come to your house, I just love the sight of those beautiful baskets full of books. Someone gave us a Christmas gift in a perfect basket. I think I'm going to fill it this week.

Love you, bibliophile friend!

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