Moving Weekend Wonders

"We risk because God does not risk.  We walk into the future in God-glorifying confidence, not because the future is know to us but because it's known to God.  And that's all we need to know.  Worry about the future is not simply a character tic, it is the sin of unbelief, an indication that our hearts are not resting in the promises of God."  ~Kevin DeYoung

Even though we immensely enjoyed playing in the snow Friday morning,

 by Friday afternoon we were hard at work again getting piles sorted and packed away.  My mom loaded us up with Starbucks Vias to take to our colleagues for breaks during SITAG's upcoming Conference.

My dad played plumber and helped us take care of some drips that had developed.
When Friday evening rolled around,

we were SO grateful for this sweet family's invitation to come join them for a meal.

   It was exactly what we needed - a chance to pull out of the chaos to share some good food and sweet fellowship.

This precious family made a banner that said "Safe Travels", put together a little bucket of goodies for us to take on the trip, and created this lovely centerpiece that celebrates Bible translation.

Saturday morning, more good help showed up in the form of our good friends the Hibbards.
Our kids played together outside.  While they worked to build a super tall and skinny snowman,

the grownups worked together inside.

I kept finding snowmen around the yard. 

I think the kids were having a lot more fun than the grownups.

After we worked hard all day, we were so grateful to be able to enjoy an evening meal with some of our neighbors.
God has given us the BEST neighbors!  We haven't laughed this hard in so long.  Once again, this time together was exactly what we needed.
Our sweet neighbors took us exactly as we were - grimy from packing and weary from making decisions - and they loved on us anyway.  I think it might have helped that Sarah made a Tres Leches Cake and flan to accompany the taco bar our neighbors provided.
After a sweet Sunday morning at church, where the church family prayed for us, we headed over to Nahna and Papa's house to enjoy a restful day of family and football.
God is so gracious to give us exactly what we need.  This weekend, the wonder of it was that He kept alternating the work and the rest that He knew would be the best combination for our family.


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