At 4:00 this morning, I woke up and noticed a glow outside.  When I peeked through the shutters, I found a winter wonderland outside.  Aaron wouldn't let me wake up the kids to go play outside.

To some people, a few inches of snow that will melt away in a few hours wouldn't be a big deal.  But to walk into the kitchen and find this lovely view made me want to jump up and down and run outside!

Aaron has been praying for weeks that the Lord will fill us up as we transition once again, and this snow was just what I needed to refill and worship our Creator.

My poor daffodils.  They didn't know it was too early to form buds and get ready for blooming.

And my lone broccoli looked pitiful under its blanket of snow.  It's a good thing my family doesn't have to rely on my gardening skills or else we would all starve!

More than a few snowballs flew through the air.  And more than a few snow angels swiped the snow.

Before all of the playing began, though, some clean snow had to be collected for snow ice cream.

The kids also practiced their target practice on the tree closest to the back door.

The goal was to hit higher on the tree than your sibling could hit.

After the snowball throwing had slowed down a little bit, the real work began:  snow man building.

Big Ben began to take shape as a surprise for their daddy.

And when the snow man was finished, Sarah switched to making maple syrup candy in the snow.

My sister called us "Little House Geeks".  But it was yummy.

Before too long, the sun started peeking through the clouds and we were well on our way to the 43 degree high for the day.

But for a few hours, the packing can wait, and we will get our fill of building snowmen (the neighbors got some in their yards too!) and eating ice cream and feeling cold.  What a gift.


Oh wow - I love, love, love this! What a special treat at just the right time! Isn't it great how God fills up our tanks ;D
Anonymous said…
DELIGHTED that you got some snow!!! What terrific pictures. Truly a special day; thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said…
Praise God for the little snow fall, to add a lightness to your last packing days :)


p.s. Your camera gets great action shots, especially during snowball fights!

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