SITAG Employee Christmas Party - Preparation


Today is SITAG's annual Christmas party for the employees.  We have the absolutely most wonderful employees on the face of the earth.  They hold SITAG together while the rest of us come and go.  They are godly, sweet, hard working, and most of all, they are our friends.

A few weeks ago, the employees won first prize for their float in the "Bible Week" parade.  The money they received paid for the pig, who was quickly named "Float".

Yesterday afternoon, Benjamin went with a couple of our employees to pick up the pig and bring it back to SITAG.  Then he helped clean out the truck.

At 1:00 this morning, Benjamin's alarm went off, and he joined some of the guys in preparing the pig to be cooked this morning.  A quick bonk on the head quickly took care of the pig.

The ladies began preparing the food in the middle of the night, too. 
Our family joined the cooking party at the kitchen around 8:00 this morning.

We built two motu (cooking with hot stones) ovens in addition to the one Judy had already built by her house. 
We heard her moving stones just after the sun came up this morning. 

 As soon as the fires were going well, we moved inside to prepare the rest of the food.

Pumpkins, slippery cabbage, fish, chicken, pig, onions, garlic, coconut cream...

we've been gathering plastic ice cream containers to send home the leftovers with the employees.  I think there will be plenty of extra food to send home.

We scraped and squeezed coconuts, stuffed pumpkins,

blew up balloons,
(lots of balloons)
put Christmas decorations on the walls,
cooked some more,
babysat some sweet little ones,
cooked a little more food,
okay a LOT more food.
and laughed at the sweetness of the fellowship in the midst of all that work.

And now it's time to load the truck with our cargo so we'll be ready to leave at first light tomorrow morning...then we feast and say thank you to the Lord for giving us such awesome people to work alongside us.


Cindy said…
I have been reading backwards, but wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you so much for doing it.

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