Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday, November 16

The kids and I started back to school this morning. We often do school on the porch to try and catch a breeze. Katherine was sitting on my lap reading to me when I noticed a neighbor, Fane (Fah-nay), scraping the bark of the mogea (bush apple) tree just down the hill from our house.
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I leaned over the rail and asked her what she was doing, and she told me she was using a halea (bivalve shellfish) shell to scrape the bark. Her son had a boil on his hand, and this bark would make a good medicine to help his hand heal. She would mix the bark with water, boil it, let it cool, then rub the mixture over his hand.
Finally, she said she would pack the boil with the bark and tie it all up to speed the healing progress. God sure has put some amazing medicine in the plants here!
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Aaron was also back to work today. He spent the morning gathering the community calendar from the village leaders. So many events will be held in the next six weeks, and Aaron needs to be able to plan the translation team's work around the community events. After lunch, Aaron paddled over to see Ezekiel but found him gone. Just after Aaron landed back in Marulaon, he saw Ezekiel and Janet paddling their canoe past Marulaon and back to their village. Aaron waved and hollered that he would come back to see them tomorrow.

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