Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thursday, November 24

We normally wait to celebrate Thanksgiving until Friday here, then we feel a little bit more connected to our family and friends in America.
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Sarah had some definite ideas about what our Thanksgiving meal would look like here in the village. Mostly, it would look like an abundance of dessert: pumpkin, apple, and pecan pies.
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Around 4:00, Benjamin came in asking me to go take some children's ibuprofen to one of our little friends who has been running a high, cyclical fever. We think she has malaria. I promised to be back in four hours to give her another dose.
While Sarah and I cooked in the inside the kitchen, underneath the house, Aaron and Olivia were sewing up leaves to make the walls of our outside kitchen. None of us are as fast as our neighbors, but I'm really proud of my husband for the local skills he is honing.
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I took more meds to our sweet, sick friend at 8:00. Her mama still hadn't taken her to the clinic, and I begged her to go first thing in the morning. Her family was doing their best to secure a motor canoe, and I offered our dugout canoe if they wanted to paddle over to the clinic.

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