Wednesday, November 23

The village is full of people. The largest tribe in our language group is meeting in Marulaon this week, and Aaron sat in on their meetings for most of the day today. His anthropologist-linguistic self took notes and enjoyed tracing the different family lines of the people we love so well. The catechists are meeting in another village this week, so Aaron, the Bible-loving-teacher, walked the four miles to spend the day with them on Monday. I love the different sides of my husband and the ways he gets to use the gifts God has given him.

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One of my favorite things is walking around the village and watching how much the children have grown. My little buddy Mosta (aka "Text") pulled on my camera and begged for me to take his picture while I chatted with his grandmother, Margaret, the other day. My friends here all have grandchildren.

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Margaret also has a kitten. She tried to get us to take it home when she found out about our rat problem, but Katherine was content just to cuddle. And I was content to leave the kitten in Margaret's home.

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Not all of the little ones love having their picture made. This is Muna. Last week, she greeted me with a running hug and a big grin. When I had my camera handy the other day, she only frowned. Very much on purpose. She is still a spunky girl, and I love hanging out with her and her family.

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Inside our home, Olivia has been working on a science experiment this week using chicken bouillon dissolved in water. One glass was the control, one had vinegar added, one glass stayed in the fridge, and the last one had salt added. Things grow here even when we don't want them to, and we wanted her science experiment to grow. It was wildly successful.


We've done that same experiment three times now, but I bet yours was MUCH better!
Love the photos and descriptions of your life in the village :D

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