Sarah started looking at recipes for a "Three Kings'/Epiphany" cake as soon as we returned to Honiara.  I just knew I had seen a recipe for Twelfth Night Cake in our Great Scandinavian Baking Book.  We looked and looked and couldn't find the recipe, then Sarah said, "Mama, did you mean Othello cake?"  I guess I mixed up my Shakespeare plays.

She made the Othello cake, and we looked forward to sharing it with company as we watched "Amahl and the Night Visitors", one of our favorite operas.  However, when we began looking for the video, just before our guests arrived, it was clear that we had left our copy in the village.  Having homes in multiple places means we are forever saying, "Where is the...?"  Followed by, "Oh, it's at the other house."  It's not as glamorous as it sounds!
Olivia was excited that she got found the almond in the cake, and we enjoyed the time with our very gracious guests who stayed to eat supper, even if there was no video to watch. 


Bartokhound said…
The cake is beautiful, Sarah, and I know it tasted delicious! Sorry about the "Amahl" video. You did have the book, though: did you have a dramatic family reading instead?! Personally, I think that would have been much more fun than watching the video!!!



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