Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Solar Panels

Friday, May 8
Aaron and the guys mounted the solar panels today. What a task! After several hoists up the pole, they were finally able to get everything the way they wanted it. I am so thankful for the men who gave their afternoon and muscle power to help us!

Really frustrated that the e-mail isn't working again. I'm got some e-mails back indicating that none of my posts are making it to the blog. With all of the bumps we've run into during our first trip to Marulaon, we've decided to go back next week and learn how to work out the kinks. Marulaon is unusual because it has a reliable source of transportation in the Bikoi. God is so amazing the way He provides for us!

Thursday, May 7
Today was Skita's last day, and I was really sorry to see her three day trial period come to an end. I felt like I had another sister. We washed dishes and hung clothes side by side. I even heard her whistling "Oh God Our Help in Ages Past" so I joined in! She worked for the family before us, so she has a good idea of what to expect.


Shaundra said...

You have had such wonderful adventures already! Im overwhelmed with the stories and pictures! Im so glad things are coming along well for you. Love to you all.

Ruthanne said...

I wondered where y'all were for so long! I need to catch up on all the posts you've put up over the last several days.

God's Blessings. :D

S and J said...

We are enamored by your pictures and journaling of all that is going on there! What an amazing adventure. Praying for each of you faithfully and looking forward to seeing and reading more!