Saturday, May 3, 2014

This and that...

After a lovely breakfast with friends (with whom we're trying to cram in every possible minute), we got back to the packing and all of those little details (like mending, sorting onions, making a school schedule for the village, etc.) that we need to tackle.  Today is the last day to cook so we can pack up the kitchen, so we're cooking ahead and freezing.  Of course, our fabulous SITAG colleagues are also rising to the occasion and providing several meals for us during the next few days.
On a totally random note, I recently read in the Smithsonian magazine that a worldwide sing-along of the Star Spangled Banner will be held on June 14th.  We'll be in the village, but I signed up for information.  Would anyone consider joining us?
Last week, we dropped off friends at the wharf and waited with them on their boat until it was time for them to leave.  The harbor really is beautiful, even on a cloudy day when the sun is hiding as it goes down.

I think my kids are the best (yes, I recognize that I'm biased).  As we drove home at the end of a very busy day, the car was stuck in traffic for almost an hour, and it was beginning to get dark outside.  I turned around to find a sweet big brother with a very sleepy little sister snoozing on his shoulder.  So thankful that my kids love each other!


quilt'n-mama said...

I signed up for info on the sing along... realizing that June 14th will be a very long day for me traveling, hopefully my kids can sign along with Miss Jennifer!
Praying for you as you pack for the village.

Anonymous said...

Love your kids, love that picture of Benjamin and Katherine, love his T-shirt! Am I correct that he's now growing like a weed? He seems super tall in the pictures.

Hugs and warm wishes to send you off to the village. Mom's bringing some goodies from me, too!