Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday, May 14

I'm so thankful that our neighbors hold a small market twice a week for us.  IMG_1974 - Copy (320x213)

This morning, there were loads of mangoes and eggplant.  We also bought slippery cabbage, both dry and young coconuts, papayas, sugar cane, and cutnuts.  Little girls lined up on a coconut tree trunk to sell me their bowls of already opened cutnuts.  IMG_1976 - Copy (320x246)

Leku is coming this morning to finish cleaning up our yard, and I'm hoping to transplant the rest of the Chinese cabbages, prune the hibiscus, and plant some wingbean and pumpkin seeds while she is here.  We really could use some rain, too.

Aaron plans to spend the day working at the other end of our island at the local elementary school.  They are building new classrooms, and Marulaon is responsible for one of them.  I sent some green coconuts with him and a bucket about two thirds full of popcorn for the guys to munch on throughout the day.  Aaron is pretty good at sewing leaves for the roof "shingles", and I'm looking forward to hearing all about the school work day.

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