Here's what has been keeping us smiling for the last week:

Memorial Day - watching my kids get to build a relationship with their cousin while my sister and I chatted and prepared lunch

and sharing the evening meal with grandparents.

(Thanks for bringing the fun paper plates, Nahna!)

 Tuesday, May 28 - Finally getting to hug my other brother and spending the day at Magic Springs.

Funnel Cake!

Watching my siblings enjoy spending time with my kids - that's Olivia with Aunt Melissa and Sarah with Uncle Daniel having fun on the bumper cars.

First rides on a roller coaster!

Wednesday, May 29 - Going back to Collins Orchards for some more yummy peaches and blackberries

The perfect blackberry - immediately after I took the picture, the berry went into my sister's mouth

The back of our van loaded with peaches heading to the freezer, straight into our mouths, or into jam jars by the end of the day

Thursday, May 30 - The Williams' Extravaganza continued with a trip to Blanchard Springs Caverns as we all mixed up in three different cars for the winding trip up into the Ozarks.

 Wow!  I think God had a lot of fun when He carved out those amazing caves and formations.

After the cave tour, we ate a picnic lunch, sang "Happy Anniversary" to my parents, and practiced skipping stones.

And we got to stop at Woods Old Fashioned Soda Fountain in Mountain View on the way home.  I love sharing with my hubby!

That night we got to share a meal with my cousin and her family as she joined the party.  I had never met her husband or her three kids, and somehow I got away without any pictures. 

Friday morning, we drove by my parents' house to say goodbye to my sister and her family.  The Williams' Extravaganza was officially over...until next time.


You are one busy lady! I am glad you are enjoying your time with your family so much. And your haircut is really cute. I love all your curls. And I have to say I am just a leetle envious of all those glorious peaches. YUM!
Kecia said…
What fun!! I love when my kids get to be around family enough to feel comfortable with them. I think being away for awhile makes us appreciate it even more, don't you? :)
That all looks wonderful! Love the pic of Aaron and one of the kids and the river. I think I'd want to go in and swim!

Anonymous said…
Loved the sharing! It's funny you say you somehow got away from your cousin and family with no pictures. That means you were having too much fun together! I was thinking that, as brief as our visit will be, we'll be lucky to get any pics ourselves (but I surely hope we do)!

quilt'n-mama said…
Looks like you have been having an awesome time as a family! We just planted blackberries in our back yard last weekend!

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