Monday, November 2, 2015


The individuals and churches that support our family through prayer, finances, and encouragement are so special to us.
Each relationship is unique, and Hanna Street Baptist Church is no exception!  They joined our team after sending many e-mails back and forth across the Pacific Ocean.

Even though they have never met us.  But now they have!
After lunch, we drove north a few hours to visit some friends

and for the kids to help rake leaves alongside the young people of Christ Community Church.

We hadn't gotten to see this bunch of fun people in 2 1/2 years

After Aaron and I dropped off the kids, we made the short trip to Ted and Deb's house, where we unloaded our bags, admired the trees in the setting sun, and ate a quick bite before driving over to Bible Study.

We're so grateful for the opportunities God gives us to share about Bible translation around the world, in the Solomon Islands, and with the Lavukal.  And we're extra grateful for the people who join us in the adventure (even when we leave tennis shoes at their house)!

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