Saturday, May 21, 2016

Communication Woes

Good morning, dear friends of the Choates!
I always assume that no e-mails from Joanna means that UUPlus is acting up. After not receiving an e-mail for over a week, I received word yesterday from the SITAG Director that communication is, indeed, a problem right now. But, it’s not just e-mail. Even radio communication is problematic. So, although Aaron has found occasional reception spots where he can use the cell phone to text or make a brief phone call, most communication between the Choates and the world outside Marulaon has been very challenging, to say the least.
New equipment will be on the way to them Sunday their time, so please pray that this will solve their communication issues!
And don’t stop praying for rain. We don’t know their water situation right now, but they always need a good balance of rain and sunshine, no matter what the circumstances.
Thanks for praying!

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