Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Monday, May 16

Yesterday, Aaron met with the new executive members of the translation committee. We are super excited about this gung-ho group that really want to see the Lavukal Bible translation project move forward. I hid behind some banana trees to get pictures so I wouldn't disturb them.

This morning, Aaron attended the requiem for our neighbor who died last week. The kids and I stayed at home to continue plugging away at school. After the big breakfast that the family provided for the community and the visitors, Kiko brought our family's portion: parcels of pig, some fish, and a few pieces of lelenga. I felt really honored that the family would think about including us in the “take-out” baskets that they prepared to go home with everyone. Since one of the translators, Matthew, was the brother-in-law of the deceased, he was already planning to be in Marulaon. Ezekiel and Simon also paddled over, and 4/5 of the translation team worked hard all afternoon.
IMG_2838 - Copy (360x202)
These guys are great. Not only are they godly and hard-working, but they all have a good sense of humor, too. The translation office was supposed to be completed in 2014, yet the grassy area behind our house is still just a grassy area. So, the translation team decided they wanted a photo of them working in the “office.” When I asked them what food they wanted me to provide, they said they were willing to just have tea and banana cake. Nancy generously opened up her kitchen for the guys to rest and refuel after a grueling afternoon of trying to figure out how to say “descendent” while reviewing Matthew chapter one.

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