Monday, May 23, 2016

Sunday, May 15

Sweet Sabbath
Sometimes our spiritual lives seem like they are mired in the marshes, far from the open waters. We struggle and seek answers that don't seem to come. We ask, “How much longer?” and hear only the echo of our words in response. We wonder if we will ever see change in ourselves, in our loved ones, or in a situation that seems hopeless.

In those days of despair, the disciplines become important. Through simple obedience we find the strength to go on. And later, when we have come to the open waters, we can look back on the times of despair and realize that through them we have grown. Because of them we are able to take the next step in becoming all we are meant to be.
The disciplines themselves don't change us. But our willingness to obey does.

Yesterday, Sarah sat underneath our house and learned how to weave her kimita into a beautiful and practical mat. The knowledge of how to make the mat is dying out as young girls simply go buy a mass produced, machine made mat from the store in Honiara.

A group of young girls gathered to watch as I hung out clothes to dry. For seven hours, Sarah exercised great patience and discipline, often sitting by herself (good thing she is an introvert!) and only stopping for a quick lunch.
IMG_2792 - Copy (360x240)
Anybody that walked by our house expressed great admiration for Sarah's facility and diligence in weaving. Watching her, I was reminded that she possesses those qualities in great measure as she builds spiritual and physical disciplines into her life where nobody but the Lord can see as the roots grow deep.

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