Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Monday Fun Run

Unlike previous years, for this year's Easter Monday Fun Run, SITAG only sent four participants.  The moms and some of the kids walked over to the race to be cheerleaders and take pictures.

Running up Cemetery Hill ain't for sissies!

One of our colleagues paused for a round of high fives from his kids and wife.

We found our friend Barbara in the midst of the runners as a sweet surprise!

After we watched the runners go by, we walked back to SITAG to wait for our conquering heroes to return.

Finally we saw them down at the bottom of Tanuli ridge on top of which SITAG perches.

Their final obstacle was "Jacob's Ladder", a very long and step flight of stairs along SITAG's border.  Benjamin carried Timmy piggy back all the way up, and the dads showed their stamina by running up the steps to meet their adoring fans.

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