Sunday, April 9, 2017

"One thing I do know and that is to take little steps.  Steps which are short enough and yet long enough so that God is visible to my eyes and so that He can light up my path."
~Julia von Bodelschwingh

When Aaron called the Lavusi office yesterday afternoon to find out when the little cargo ship was headed back to Honiara with all of our boxes from the villages, he learned that the ship had gone to a different island instead of the Russell Islands.  We're hopeful that by next weekend, we'll have our boxes and buckets (with contents ranging from our dirty sheets and towels to my precious - but huge - Bible that I've had since I was a teenager).  Little steps it is, as we wait for God's perfect timing on all of the things that need to be sorted and packed for our departure.
Since Friday night, Honiara's power has been off more than on.  We laugh because our solar power in the village is often more reliable than the electricity at SITAG!  Our communication with the outside world may be spotty if the power continues to fluctuate.  And the food that I put in the slow cooker this morning for an easy meal might not be cooked in time for an early Sunday supper.  But at least with all of the rain yesterday and today, the temperatures have been much cooler and managing the lack of electricity has been relatively easy.

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

Praying for your cargo... even your dirty laundry (!) to get to you soon so you can organize your packing. And so sorry about your electricity woes! We're predicted to get a thunderstorm this afternoon, so we could be in the same boat!

Counting down the days until we see you!!!