Saturday, September 15, 2018


Let me encourage you, if a kind action crosses your mind, do it.  Immediately. 

I woke up this morning to find an email from Aaron saying his flight had been canceled.  He rescheduled for 24 hours later, but it still felt like a punch in the gut (even after all our practice being flexible in the Solomon Islands!).  All you single mamas out there, I applaud you and your strength. But I still had to get rolling because today I had the honor of judging all-region orchestra auditions.  I love this program and these teachers and especially the students and their families, so it can be an emotional day as each student does their very best and waits to find out the results to see how all of their hard work pays off.  Around 3:00, I was in the midst of listening to more scales and sight reading, when my wonder twin walked in the door with coffee.  Not just any coffee, a cup full of exactly what I would have ordered for myself.  And I wept at her kindness that cut through the toughness I've been carrying for the last three weeks.

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