Saturday, September 8, 2018

Servant Heart

When I married Aaron, I knew he was a good guy.  I knew that he played with my younger siblings and that he was always the first (and quietest) to offer help cleaning up.  But watching his servant heart at work still gives me chills and makes my love for him grow even more.

Aaron has less than three weeks to work in the Solomon Islands, and every time I hear from him, I learn of another way that he has paused his own work to help somebody else in need.  He's tracked down time sensitive shipping information for a colleague in America.  He's used his computer skills to help another colleague's translator who was having some technical issues.

He's bumped into several friends around town, too, in the midst of buying what he needs for the village.  Aaron also unexpectedly got to help with manning a booth for World Literacy Day because SITAG was so shorthanded.

I love this guy more every day.  He knows that life and ministry isn't about how much you can get accomplished, but more about how you can strengthen and serve each other as you build up the Body of Christ.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Joanna, this describes what I see in ALL of you... love you, Choates!

Choate Family said...

For some reason, comments are waiting for several days until they pop up for me to moderate! Thanks for your kind words, Julie. I see this trait in you, too :-)