Thursday, November 15, 2018

Missions Fair

One of the things I love about the work we do is the variety.  So, when Dallas International University contacted us about representing our alma mater at a missions fair, we jumped at the chance.  Aaron and I received our linguistics training at this special school.

And the "World Awareness Week" just happened to be at John Brown University, so seeing our two college kids was a definite bonus!  Tuesday morning kicked off with a parade of flags.  

 Each flag was carried by a student who claimed that country as home, so Benjamin carried the Solomon Islands flag.  Sarah carried it last year.

I was a very proud mama, hooting and hollering with my family by my side.

The majority of our time Tuesday was spent talking with students who visited from table to table with different organizations where they might give themselves once they finish at JBU.

Aaron is definitely in his element as he interacts with students and talks about the ways God might be using them.

Tuesday night, he got to share our top five language and culture learning tips with students, and we got to hear from other missionaries on a variety of topics.  What an exciting day!

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