Saturday, May 11, 2019

May Adventures

Now that we have a deadline, the work around the house and yard has ramped up to hyper drive!

Aaron discovered yet another layer of wallpaper in the kitchen, but only in the small area behind the stove.

Our nature-loving girl, Katherine, has really enjoyed helping outside.  Especially when we moved the gardenia bushes from the back yard to the side of the house.  I'm no green thumb, and my gardenias just weren't getting enough sunshine underneath our majestic oak trees.

One of my favorite things about having naked walls in the kitchen is that everybody who walks through our door gets a Sharpie to sign our walls.  The heart of our home, this kitchen where we spend so much time, is now covered in blessings and signatures of family and friends.  Soon, beadboard will hide all of the preparation and love.

This triple threat is remedying the mistake of painting latex paint over oil in the back entryway.  The painters will come after we leave next week, but we want to have everything as ready as possible when they prepare our house for the four college guys who will be renting our house for the next two years.

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