Monday, December 21, 2009

Motu Stones

Monday, December 21
Last night the choir practiced again and more groups practiced their dances to very loud music played on PVC pipe.  Aaron sang with the choir, then he headed over to watch and learn from the dancing until midnight.  I think the Christmas festivities have begun.
Joy and I left around 9:30 this morning to go find motu stones on the big island of Pavuvu.  With a motor and a big canoe, our trip took about 1 1/2 hours.  Several others (including Sarah Kiko) came with us to pick up stones, too.  First, we stopped at the chief's wife's parent's house, picked up one of the chief's sons, and chatted with them for a little bit.  Then, the canoe headed up a river until it got too small and we had to get out and pull the boat.  We began looking for rocks and checked to see if they were solid by banging them on another rock.  The stream was beautiful and cold!  The tide began to come up while we searched for stones, and the river rose rapidly.  Most of our neighbors took advantage of the freshwater and took a dip before we turned the canoe around and headed back.  Once we got back to the mouth of the river, we again stopped to visit and eat some cassava.  Before we headed home, we received some green beans, tomatoes, starfruit, and a crab.  We got home with a very heavy boat around 4:30.  I'm really tired, and I have a sunburn, but my kitchen is closer to complete, and it was a great day!

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The dB family said...

It sounds like you will be very busy over the next few days. Praying you have a very blessed Christmas!