Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sweet Sabbath

Sunday, December 6
In addition to celebrating St. Nicholas Day, we enjoyed a sweet Sabbath today.  Last night, I took Katherine to visit her best friend, Doris (Felta's daughter).  While I was there, I noticed that Felta was making lelenga, so I asked her if she had any bananas.  She didn't, so I quickly ran up to the house and grabbed a bunch for her.  We have soooo many bananas because people know we need them to make banana cake for market.  This morning while the kids were in Sunday School, Felta knocked on our door and handed me some of her lelenga.  Just a few minutes later, Naris brought me some, too!  The three of us with our three youngest daughters (Doris, almost 2, Katherine, 2, and Soima, 4) sat on the porch and talked and laughed and played for a couple of hours!  It was such a sweet time, I really felt like it was a gift from the Lord. 
Katherine has had a runny nose for the last few days, and I've had a hard time keeping it wiped.  Sweet Felta took care of Katherine just like she would take care of Doris.  She reached over, sucked the snot out of Katherine's nose, and spit it over the edge of the porch :-)


Denise Hall said...

Oh. My. Stars. Wonder if Mrs. Clinton had THAT in mind when she said it takes a village? :)

Deborah said...! I had to read that twice. I guess it makes sense as I'm sure tissues are non-existant.


Lisa said...

OK...I almost fainted on the last line. I am guessing this shocked you the first time. I am sure I would do so many things wrong in distant lands, like scream when someone did this to my child. Thanks for sharing, I am enjoying your many adventures.