Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter afternoon

Easter afternoon was wonderfully busy!  SITAG's director and his wife came out for a visit on Bikoi.  We were so excited to share Easter with them and to have them meet all of our wonderful neighbors.  What a sweet time together!  They received a royal welcome, complete with frangipanni necklaces, a welcome song, and green coconuts nested in beautiful red flowers.


Our chicken had been living on our porch under a box since we caught it Saturday night.  Aaron and Benjamin took charge of preparing the chicken while I settled our company and showed them the quirks of our house.  Chief Leonard even helped swing the chicken around by a rope to dull it's senses.  By the time I got down to take pictures, my mighty men had already killed and de-feathered the chicken! 

They were on the shore taking lessons from a friend,Isabella.  Our Easter chicken was tough, but yummy.  Chicken isn't usually eaten here, so it was quite a treat for us to have some fresh "home-grown" chicken for supper and to be able to share it with friends.

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Anonymous said...

What a great Easter! We love all the pictures. The church looked lovely, Sarah and Olivia. Our baby girl is growing up so fast. Guess the vegetable is used like potatoes, correct. Is Ben going with his dad on the visit?