Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Monday

On Easter Monday, our church held a HUGE fundraiser to raise money for building improvements.  Everyone drew paper out of a hat several weeks ago to find out what they were supposed to bring.  Our family provided 1/2 kilo of sugar, batteries (for a flashlight to see to spear fish at night), then we also made lelenga in small parcels.  Aaron was supposed to go spear fishing with Naris' husband Dawa, but Dawa was afraid that Aaron would capsize the canoe because it is small. Instead, Dawa went fishing for our family as well as his own.  About 5:30 in the morning, he knocked softly on our door with fish for us to eat and informed us that Naris was cooking (on the motu) fish for us to take to the fundraiser.  He had been out all night!  We have the most amazing friends here.
Around 10:00, we took our lelenga parcels off of the stones and walked down to the fundraiser venue.  A small booth had been built to house all of the food:  lots of fish, lelenga, chicken brought in from Honiara (so it wasn't tough like ours!), noodles, rice, umalau, piso (similar to lelenga), yum!.  Our SITAG friends came down with us to sample the food and see the sights. 

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