Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet Sabbath

Lod ngotalu la ena mima eoko
Foia iru raine eluluri mea heo
O tunae ga e ena tuna
Ngolar ga e ema

Lord, your word inspires us
And it daily guides us;
We, its truth believing,
Are your light receiving.

A sampling from our thankful list on the chalkboard:
-1st day of Spring (Sarah)
-pizza with American pizza sauce (Aaron)
-friendly geckos (Sarah)
-rain last night (Joanna)
-full moon (Sarah)
-new toothbrushes (Benjamin)
-shower bags (Aaron)
-white citrus shower gel (Joanna)
-good friends (Sarah)
-chocolate hamantashen (Joanna)

pat the pet

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