Friday, March 11, 2011

Wed & Thurs

Wednesday, March 9
Everybody was up a little after 5 o'clock to get Henk and Margreet out the door in time to catch the Kosko in Yandina.  Aaron went with them, made sure they got on the ship, then traveled east to Louna to talk with some members of the translation committee there.  While he was gone, Katherine and I attended the Ash Wednesday morning prayer service.  After the service, we went down for a late market with loads of green beans, papaya, and green coconuts.  Today was the kids' first day back at school in over two weeks, and they did a great job of getting back into the routine.  Aaron got home just in time for lunch, and the afternoon was spent in continuing to unpack and finishing school work.

Tonight, we all fell asleep really quickly, but Aaron and I were awakened at some point by the choir practicing, "Up from the grave He arose!".  We finally drifted back off to sleep only to be awakened again when choir practice finished and everybody walked by our bedroom window visiting loudly.  Our neighbors think we are crazy that we go to bed so early instead of staying up half the night and then taking long naps during the day.  I guess it's just a part of this culture to which we haven't been able to adapt yet!

Thursday, March 10
Today was the third of three work days at the church.  While we were in Honiara, our neighbors finished painting the inside yellow and began plastering the outside.  Aaron was able to help out today, even in the rain.

church work day

We are still learning about this culture's different value of time.  Tuesday night, the bell for evening prayer rang at 4:20.  Last night, it rang at 6:40, and tonight it rang at 5:30.  Flexibility is the key to living here!  Leave that watch at home and enjoy life on "Solomon Time".

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The dB family said...

Oh my! I love how different cultures approach life. These days, I think I would be embracing sleeping in the afternoon :o).