Friday, November 4, 2011

Last Week…

Friday, October 28
V is for VolcanoV_is_for_volcanoe
Saturday, October 29
This morning, Eta went with Naomi, Sarah, Benjamin and me to the garden.  We harvested a big bag of umalau (sweet potato) and a big bag of uvikola (cassava) to send with Aaron as our gift.  We also dug up enough uvikola for our family to make lelenga today.  It's fun to remember when and how we planted things, this uvikola we planted in December with the help of our friends Karen and Caroline.  Now it's grown tall and blown over and makes great lelenga!

We've discovered that Marulaon holds a soccer tournament every Saturday, and villages from the West Russells come participate with Jr. and Sr. teams, men and women, too.  It's been a good chance to mingle with people from other villages a little bit.  The soccer field has been cleared off quite a bit, so now there are two small fields side by side.  Several of the ladies bring food to sell, and we have been encouraged to bring banana cake.  So, today I gave 90 banana muffins to Kiko and her niece, Julet, to sell for the Lavukal Bible translation fund.  The cakes sold quickly!  The money will go toward buying gasoline for the motor boat that Aaron will take tomorrow when he picks up the translators and holds another portion of Translation Principles in Losiolen.
I hung out at the soccer field for a couple of hours, cheering on different people and places, particularly the Marulaon women.  One of the things I love about our neighbors here, they cheer for everybody!  No matter who scores the goal or makes a great move, you always cheer.

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