Solomon Time

An excerpt from the book "Solomon Time" by Will Randall.  As I read, I found myself nodding vehemently in agreement:

"Solomon Time, Solomon Time - how it was to dominate future events I then had no no idea.  It is liquid, a fluid that cannot be contained, that has no master, that sloshes backwards and forwards and even from side to side.  It has no symmetry or order.  Solomon Time plays nobody's rules, yet it loosely dictates that something may happen a little late or perhaps a little early or days late or even days early; it may have happened already or it may never happen at all.  Schedules and timetables become irrelevancies, arrangements, meetings, deadlines inconsequential.

Solomon Time trickles through every stream in every forest and pumps through the veins of every man or woman born of Solomon.  Clocks stop ticking; wristwatches become mere ornaments.  Time is governed by the sun and the the moon, by light and dark.  Months slip by indistinguishable one from the next.  December as hot as May, November as wet as June.  Daily routine, apart from the two bookends of morning and evening prayer, is as higgledy-piggledy as a child's toy box.  Mealtimes become moveable feasts.  Work, rest and play are as confused as three scoops of ice cream melted in the tropical sun."


LISA said…
I imagine this to be as frustrating as deadlines and time crunches in American life, is that so? If memory serves me correct, didn't you once have to catch the a couple of days early? I wondered how in the world you managed to get that done. I would like to find a healthy balance with margin to breathe deeply, but having cake and eating it too is only in an ideal world.
Praying for Katherine and the rest of your family as you work through this "beads in ears" situation.

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