Last Weekend

Friday, November 4
Today, I met with seven of the ten ladies who helped craft Bible stories last week.  We finished checking my typing errors and looked for any other errors in word choice or spelling.  Our meeting was short, but sweet (it helped that Sarah made gingersnaps!).  The group that is working on the story of Jesus' birth decided to paddle over to Karumulun to enlist the other member of their group in correcting the story.  Now, I've got to print a double spaced copy of each story to leave room for the back-translation.

Saturday, November 5
We made banana cake again today for the soccer tournament.  It's fun to see people's faces light up when they see banana cake available!

One of the local "young boys" drew pictures for the creation story, so I spent most of the day scanning, cropping, and pasting the pictures into the text.  Sunday afternoon is always a good time to find people at home, so I'm planning to go down to Margaret and Rebekah's and get them to back translate for me.

Moses came by this afternoon and asked Aaron to preach on the subject of wisdom in the morning.  Aaron is just about the only preacher Marulaon ever hears, so I'm thankful he's a good one!


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