Monday, November 7
My desk:  A Yankee candle making my work area smell good while I try to edit the story of creation and the story of Jesus's birth.

Tuesday, November 8
Whew!  The last few days have been whirlwind crazy trying to get as much as possible finished on these Bible stories before Katherine and I leave for Honiara tomorrow.  Sunday afternoon, I sat at Margaret and Rebekah's and hammered out the back-translation for creation days 1-3. Yesterday morning, Kiko came over to give me the latest revisions that Ezekiel Hasar made on the story of Jesus' birth.  Then yesterday afternoon, I waited for Margaret to come and tell me that she had returned from the garden, but she was waiting for me!  We only had a little bit of time together while we waited for the rain to stop, then we rescheduled for this morning.  After three hours, we finally finished the back-translation, and I'm really pleased.  I'm going to make a copy to test in Sunday School in Marulaon while I'm in Honiara.

Please do be praying for Katherine.  Those beads she put in her ears (a pink bead on one side and a green bead on the other) just won't come out for us.  So, as soon as the Kosko shows up tomorrow, we'll be on the way to Honiara to see a doctor.  We're hoping it comes in the morning, since a trip with hundreds of our closest friends all crammed together on the deck of the ship is much easier during the day than at night when we are trying to sleep.


The dB family said…
Your tray/desk is very pretty. I'm looking forward to hearing the results of all this translating for these stories.


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