Thursday, Oct 27

This afternoon, Kiko came up to the house to work on transcribing the story of Jesus's  birth that she recorded on Tuesday morning.  We enjoyed coffee and fresh banana cake while she and I pressed our ears close to the speakers on the computer to listen attentively.  We were both pleased with her story and with a few of the corrections that she made on paper.  I thanked her for being willing and humble enough to tell and record a story, knowing that the whole point of the telling is to have others come behind and pick it to pieces.

Next Friday, November 4, all of the ladies will get together again to see the Bible stories on paper.  The two groups will correct their own stories, then switch to correct each other's.  We will also come up with some questions to ask for comprehension.  After I make the corrections in the computer and add any pictures they draw, then I will go around the village reading the stories and asking the questions.  Hopefully, we'll get some good responses and have these two stories in their hands soon!

Here's the rough draft of Kiko's story:
Sera Kiko – Jisas ta oi okomua (The story of Jesus's birth)
Felakoe ena Jisas mala osia fi.  Ta roa fin ana Bethlehem lukariae rugi loge fi sia hi.  Aka olang Josef ona Meri otum hona e Davit okun ena mem aesiage honala koi kini Bethlehem fi regista losiare olang lolangiov la foare ofoiga ena lukariae hoiga ena fi hoinala Bethlehem vela lomel.  Velanun, velanun, olang okatuna esiage Meri ho vulava re muteteare aka okealeai ga ena oia otin kiu vela laimege vela laimege hano aunion sia aka malav suni lafa lafa ona meiva hano suni Bethlehem vere lov.  Tailav suni Bethlehem toun ona meiva sere lov malava suni tailava maseriv vona sere lov.  Aka oinala kini veore aunionun kini veore kini tail roge ena ali roa alokikiari  Kola roa hoika lem aira ge kola roa tamu koi kini roa alokikiari ge kola roaru tamu  Akari sianun sianun aka oina aka ore tail roge ru tamu esiale lafa vala lafa mea lena metairea la onam veremal foel “Olang ngai ngatua obui vofou elekire fi olei,” hide Josef na hide ore aire ge.  Fi ana hide mare,  “Otail telako fi hoika!
lei tail ga bulakau otail fi o ui eu otail fi.  Aka hoika riom fi Josep na otua Meri la,” omare ove.  Aka hoika riom fi Jisas na ota.  Jisas Bethlehem bulakau otailan fi o ta.


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