Gingerbread Friends

Inspired by the book, Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett, the kids whipped up some of their own gingerbread friends.

I love watching my "three muskateers" work together!

decorating turned into a fine motor skills exercise

that's a grass skirt, in case you couldn't tell

the best part is eating your creation


Anonymous said…
Remember biting the heads off our gingerbread men in order to give them a more compassionate death? Same with gummy bears? Were we weird kids or WHAT?

quilt'n-mama said…
We love all the Gingerbread books! We too are making ginger bread this week:)
Looks like you had fun!
Choate Family said…
When I asked Katherine what part of the gingerbread friend (which is what she calls them) she wanted to eat fist. She quickly answered, "the head!" with a little gleam in her eye ;-)

We probably were weird kids, but we were happy ones, and I think we turned out okay!

The dB family said…
Well, of course it's a grass skirt! Who needs hats and scarves in the S.I. :o).


P.S. I must have been a weird kid too :o).
Anonymous said…
These gingerbread men look emotionally stable to me, Joanna, though it's difficult to tell with their heads inside a mouth! :-) Looks like loads of yummy fun!

HA HA! Love the grass skirt!

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