St. Lucia's Day

Happy St. Lucia's Day!  Brought to us by Sarah, who woke up early to prepare fresh scones and honey butter for breakfast in bed this morning.


Nahna said…
She is absolutely lovely...and as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. I love you, Sarah.
The dB family said…
Such a beautiful young lady!

Kecia said…
Mmm, that sounds so good! And she looks beautiful. :)
quilt'n-mama said…
Sarah looks beautiful! We celebrated today too but a little differently. The girls each made a wreath for their heads, we read Kirsten's Surprise and about St. Lucia's Day in Christmas around the world. Then we tried 2 recipes for tradition breads served that day and delivered them to the neighbors last night. What fun! We didn't ever celebrate this until we met you guys several years ago and it was in one of my favorite celebration books from you:) Thanks friends!!!!

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