Just a normal Tuesday morning here in Honiara.  When Aaron and I walked this morning, I felt like I was swimming through the cream of potato soup we had for supper last night.  Now, I'm watching the line of rain come from the wharf toward us and hearing the pit pat of raindrops as they begin to fall.

I'm also listening to a recording of my friend Kiko telling me a story (got to get my fifteen minutes of Lavukaleve) while I work on updating the Lavukaleve Bible stories and creating our January prayer calendar.  Drinking some toasted almond decaf coffee from "Wicks and Wax" accompanied by a tiny piece of fudge from a SITAG friend. 

The kids are writing Christmas thank you notes, but when they finish, I have a flower scavenger hunt planned for them.  I just found "Tropical Blossoms of the Pacific" in SITAG's Educational Resource Center (ERC), what a great little book! 

Bougainvillea catching the sun's rays

In between bursts of rain, I went outside to snap some pictures of the flowers for which I had the kids hunting.  God must have had fun when he made all of these gorgeous flowers!

Wish you could smell the frangipani - wow!

We call this one a "Christmas Tree", but it's really a delonix regia,
and the bees were loving the blossoms.  The kids love the seed pods!

Can you see that a tiny spider got here before me? 
It built it's web on this beautiful orchid.

The rain is pouring again, but I could bore you and post pictures of flowers all day.

Another SITAG mom and I worked in the ERC for several hours yesterday inputting only the A and B books from our tiny biography section into our new computer database.  This job is going to be bigger than I realized, but when we're finished, it will be so easy to look up books.  I think we might be meeting every afternoon for the next couple of weeks. 

Time to get back to work...what are your plans for today?  Hope you have a happy Tuesday!


Such interesting and exotic looking flowers! Today I need to make a trip to the grocery store and I need to do a bit more tidying up around the house.
Anonymous said…
Joanna, I love reading your blog! I miss you guys. ~Ruth H.
Kecia said…
I wish I could smell it, too! Your Christmas looks lovely--where did you get that awesome advent wreath?
Choate Family said…
Kecia, our spiral advent wreath is one that Ann Voskamp's son made. A good friend of ours surprised us last year with the wreath. We love it, too!

Ruth, we miss you guys, too. Your boys are growing so fast :-) Looking forward to the next time our paths cross.

Texas friend, hope your trip to the grocery store went well. I do miss being able to get everything I need at one store! Next year...
The dB family said…
Oh, I could look at flowers all day! The fragipani. We have a fake one on a hair clip. I didn't know what it was called until now. See, even I learned from your scavenger hunt :o).

You cup and saucer are sooo pretty!!

I am enjoying doing not much of anything :oS.

Abi's Blog said…
Hi Choate Family,
As you can tell - I've been catching up on the blog with my new laptop. The flowers are beautiful - I remember the smell of the orchids from a mission trip to Mexico. I'm glad you liked the cakes - I made them and the cupcake cake was a lot of fun to make. I made two because I wasn't sure it would turn out and my sister had the cute cowboy pan. Have a wonderful day!
Ann said…
The flowers are gorgeous!

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