Merry Christmas!

"A personal Jesus accepted means salvation; a personal Jesus obeyed is sanctification;

a personal Jesus followed is a life of brotherly kindness and true philanthropy;

a personal Jesus reigning in the heart is the fullness of peace and joy and power.

The bells of Bethlehem ring one note; the Christmas carols are all calling aloud the same note: Back to Christ! Back to Christ!"
~ T. L. Cuyler


The dB family said…
Beautiful! Love it! Merry Christmas!!

Big hugs!!
Mollie. said…
I'm so happy that you decided to come out of lurking! It's such a pleasure to have found your blog, and I am now adding it to my reading list...which means that prayers are also coming your way.

I hope your family had a blessed Christmas! (also, I love the photos of your Advent ring! spiral? I can't recall the name, but I know that I plan on buying one for my mom as soon as they are available again...she really, really loves them!).

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